Business culture of the Central Asian region

20.3.2024 - 15.5.2024

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Do you want to improve the competence of your employees in the development of effective business contacts with such countries of the Central Asian region as Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan?

Do you already carry out business cooperation with the Central Asian region and feel the need for new knowledge about the specifics of negotiating, the formats of business meetings adopted in these countries?

Are you interested in getting to know the real atmosphere of the business space of the CAR countries, including the ethics of formal and informal communication, the norms and rules of the dress code, the psychology of internal communications, official and unofficial protocols and regulations of business ceremonies?

Do you want to understand the relationship between the business field and cultural traditions in the Central Asian post-Soviet countries in general?

Do you intend to expand the range of your international contacts and decide on the prospects for the Central Asian market of the post-Soviet space?

Are you interested in direct dialogues with representatives of the Central Asian business space?

Do you want to understand the latent risks and deep opportunities that the Central Asian region is fraught with?

If you answered “yes” to at least one of these questions, then for you this training course is necessary and useful, also carries a sufficient potential for fascination and innovation.


- Features of business organization in the domestic market of the Central Asian countries

- Center and periphery in the business field of the Central Asian region: the specifics of informal relationships and formal responsibility

- Social responsibility of business and connection with political elite circles

- Structure and classification of business entities

- Business culture of doing business and ethical standards for making deals

- Socio-psychological aspects of negotiation technologies and deal making

- Latent Risks and Potential Opportunities for Doing Business in Central Asian Countries

- The problem of corruption and its interpretation in the national mentality

- The Hierarchy of Ethical Values in the Business Culture of the CAR Countries

- Canons and rules of negotiation in the Central Asian countries: formal and informal aspects

- Culture, traditions, holidays, linguistic nuances of the CAR countries and their reflection in internal and international business communications

- Development of basic framework for a package of recommendations to improve the efficiency of establishing contacts, negotiating and obtaining specific orders at the request of the participant.

- Some household tips for those who are planning a business trip to the CAR countries.

Form of study: all study sessions are held using innovative individual and group work learning methods, including case studies, video-analytical exercises, project method, brainstorming and game simulation of situations. Online meetings with business representatives of the CAR are envisaged. 

The general format of this cycle: seminar-training. For the purposes of efficiency and effectiveness of the quality of education, the format of live meetings in a specialized university hall for training using innovative educational methods is preferable.

Language of instruction

The language of instruction is English.

Target group

Personnel of organizations, institutions, enterprises conducting or intending to carry out business contacts with the countries of the Central Asian region of the post-Soviet space. Representatives of departments who are directly responsible for the development of international relations, sales dynamics, promotion of their goods and services, planning the development of new sales markets in the Central Asian region. Also, this training seminar is useful for professional educational institutions interested in developing business contacts with universities and professional schools of the countries of the post-Soviet Central Asian region.

Entrepreneurs, including the agro sector. Personnel of employment services and recruiting agencies, whose field of interest includes interaction with the Central Asian region (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, etc.)

Aim of the course

- The course "Business culture of the Central Asian region" will teach you to more effectively navigate the business space of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan

- The course "Business culture of the Central Asian region" will help you more clearly assess your prospects, opportunities and risks in the post-Soviet countries of the Central Asian Region.

- The course "Business culture of the Central Asian region" will allow you to more effectively design individual trajectories for the development of business relations in this region.

- The course "Business culture of the Central Asian region" will strengthen your skills in successful negotiation in a multicultural environment, taking into account the specifics of national values and ethical standards.

- As a result of the training, you have the opportunity to establish new business contacts in the business field of the Central African Republic

- As a result of the training, you will master a set of knowledge and competencies that increase your understanding of the specifics of doing business, other forms of international cooperation with the countries of the Central Asian region.

- You will better understand the corporate culture, traditions, ethics, national and business features of interpersonal communications that contribute to the development of a constructive dialogue of understanding with representatives of the Central Asian countries as a whole.


Elina Vanhemping, professor, PhD. The experience of successful cooperation with the countries of the Central Asian region is more than 15 years. Having a personal connection of business contacts in these countries.


“Elina Vanhemping's training seminar has become a bright event in the business life of our organization. The personnel who attended the training rebooted on useful transformations in their work and became a conduit for improving the efficiency of the services provided.” Maidyrova Aigul B. Director of the Economic Institute of the ENU. L.N. Gumilyov, professor.

Course schedule & Price


Wed 20.3.  16.00-18.30
Wed 27.3.  16.00-18.30
Wed   3.4.  16.00-18.30
Wed  10.4.  16.00-18.30
Wed  17.4.  16.00-18.30
Wed    1.5.  16.00-18.30
Wed    8.5.  16.00-18.30
Wed  15.5.  16.00-18.30
Wed  22.5.  16.00-18.30


University of Vaasa (Yliopistonranta 10, 65200 Vaasa)

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339 €
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