Energy production (aySATE2020) VY, 5 sp

11.6.2019 - 6.7.2019

95.00 €

This course is cancelled!

Course information

Energy Technology
Last enrollment date
Timo Vekara

Course develops written skills in English: reading and writing.


Global challenges and their implications for the energy sector, energy use, energy conservation technologies, energy resources, supply systems and scenarios on energy futures.

Learning Outcomes

Students will get a rough view of the global possibilities of technology for energy sector now and in future.

Teaching Methods

Optional introduction lecture (2 hours), an English exam, including the answering in English, detailed information via the WebOodi system for the registrated students.

Modes of Study

Exam in English.


Language of instruction: English,completion language: English.

Additional Information

Course suits not only for students of engineering but also for students aiming at the B.Sc. degree or those having for example economics as a major.


Scale 1-5 or fail.

Study Materials

Energy Visions 2050, VTT Edita, 380 pages, copies of the book are available in Tritonia Library,
Finnish book “Energia Suomessa” may help to start.

Course schedule & Price

11.6.2019 16.00-17.30 introductory lecture (optional).

Course is in Moodle.

First date of examination 6.7.2019.

Retake exam dates will be announced later.

Course fee

95€ (includes Vaasa Summer Universitys fee 45€ and payment for University of Vaasa 50€).

You can pay the course fee online after the registration. The fee can be paid through any Finnish online bank service or with a credit card. 
The course fee can also be paid by an employer or another party, in which case the Summer University will send an invoice to the payer. In this case you can skip the online payment by closing the web browser.

Additional information

Elvira Kurmaeva
044 754 5783